Our Story

Hamid Ismail Foundation is an independent not-for-profit organization in Pakistan founded by Mr. Hamid Ismail in 2019. It is imbued with a noble mission of having sincere love and affection for humanity and a strong commitment to serve the people. Since its inception, the aim of the foundation is to work towards quality education, environmental sustainability, healthy entertainment opportunities, and women empowerment to improve the lives and well-being of the local communities.

Our Mission

To initiate developmental projects, provide educational and vocational opportunities, and to organize recreational events that act as a vehicle to improve and strengthen the society. We intend to inspire hope by providing the necessities of life, empowering people, and helping the under-privileged individuals to attain an improved standard of living.

Our Vision

To provide education, clean & nuisance free environment, environmental stability, climate change, medical and humanitarian aid deemed necessary for the benefit of people in need in order to improve lives of local communities. The Hamid Ismail Foundation operates on one simple notion – to make this society a better place for everyone.

Meet Our Founder

Hamid Ismail is a young, vibrant and progressive business leader in the corporate landscape of Pakistan. As the Chief Executive Officer of Bisconni and Snackcity divisions at the Ismail Industries Limited, Hamid has consistently demonstrated his exemplary leadership qualities and displayed exceptional business management skills. His continuous efforts turned Bisconni into a giant in the biscuit industry with sales reaching 14 Billion with a CAGR of 30% in five years.

Hamid has tirelessly worked over the years towards amalgamation of legacy, traditions and values held by his family with his transformative and progressive ways of managing business. He acquired his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the Middlesex University (London, U.K) and is currently pursuing Masters in Business Administration from Saïd Business School at the Oxford University.

His passion to drive change and create an ever-lasting impact motivated him to establish a Not-for-Profit Organization; Hamid Ismail Foundation (HIF). He recognizes the plights of the under-privileged citizens of the country and aims to take significant noticeable changes through his efforts. His vision for HIF is fixated at introducing developmental projects in Pakistan that could minimize the intensity of social deprivation and address concerning social issues.

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